My Buddy Tank

It’s down to my final weeks with Tank. I still remember the first day we met and the immediate connection we had together. Ever since that day I’ve tried my best to give Tank what he needs so that he’ll be a happy, loving dog.

I’ve lived with Tank day in and day out for the past four-months and I’ve learned that he is a very picky, sensitive dog. I don’t mind it though because that’s what makes him special. He has a personality that I’ve never seen in a dog before.

What Tank Wants

There are certain things Tank needs done for him to be comfortable; so, I decided to make a list so that he can feel at home with his new owners.


First and foremost it is extremely important that Tank gets let out in the morning for a long walk or run so that he can poop and his anal glands can be expressed. He poops at least two times during our mile walk. If he doesn’t poop at least twice he will feel uncomfortable and in turn will start whimpering and licking his butt uncontrollably because his glands are swollen. It took me two months of being in the winter when it’s too cold to walk far to figure this out. I was taking him to the vet every month for them to express them.


 He loves his sleep in the morning and he doesn’t usually eat until after 1 o’clock. Speaking of eating, he is extremely picky. I buy Nutri-Source dog food, chicken and pea or prairie select is his favorite. He also needs a bit of wet food or else he starves himself until he has to eat the dry food.83F5ADFA-5C36-4028-A248-AF5BAC114CAA

He was on a wet food only diet, 3 cans a day for a week because the vet took an x-ray found that he had a large pancreas. I haven’t been able to break him from it. He is stubborn, especially with food.

I give him a cup of dry and mix in half a large can of the wet food twice a day. The mixing is important because he’ll just eat the wet food and leave the dry food and stare a hole through your head when he’s hungry until you give him something enticing.


 Tank needs solid attention every day, an hour at the most or he’ll sit in front of you and whimper until you call him over and start scratching his head. He loves it when you rub up and down from his forehead to his nose as well as the corners of his eyes.

He’ll eventually plop down onto his side then raise his leg to get his belly rubbed, his favorite thing on earth. A good belly rub paired with his wildly kicking leg equals a happy Tank.

He’ll even thank you by pressing his front paw into your chest or he’ll try for your face. He turns into the biggest baby in the world when his grey and white-haired belly gets scratched.


Tank loves to chew on billy sticks. I usually give him one or two a week.  I buy the thick 12″ ones by Top Dog Chews off of Before I give it to him, I spread peanut butter on it to get him enticed. Sometimes he licks off the peanut butter and leaves the bully stick.


Tank needs a car ride every day if possible. He loves car rides just as much as a good belly rub. He sticks his head out the window to get a big sniff of the air. His ears get blown back and it looks like he wants to fly off or something. He’s too funny.


Finally, Tank needs to sleep on the ground next to the bed at night.  He gets scared being by himself. He sleeps through the night if you take him out to relieve himself before going to bed.

If all of these needs are met, than Tank will be a happy camper. I’m a little jealous of the next couple who has the privilege of having him in their life.

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