Not So Meaningful Life

Four years ago I was trapped inside of my head, alone and filled with darkness. I never wanted to leave my apartment because of war flashbacks and spouts of anger I had while being in public.

No one could see, hear, or feel what I was going through. Everything I did to feel normal felt meaningless.

Every relationship I held slowly deteriorated away. It’s not like my family and friends didn’t try to help me, I just didn’t want their help. I thought they wouldn’t understand, which is true, but it didn’t mean they didn’t love or care about what was happening to me.

I pushed everyone away.

The Fight for a Meaningful Life

One day the longing to get out of the pits I was trapped in started to overwhelm me. While on the brink of suicide I had a conversation with God. He gave me strength while opening my eyes to see  the power He gave me to overcome demons. I learned the importance of keeping a close relationship with Him so I could live.

From that moment on I have put all my faith into Him, a decision that I’ll never regret.

I started going to church and read the bible daily, applying every scripture I read to my life. My relationships with friends and family started growing. Life became so much more enjoyable

I would love to say the flashbacks and anger stopped, but it didn’t. I just stopped letting it control every aspect of my life so I could live a more meaningful one.

In time you will learn how to live a more meaningful life and stop letting the past run your future. Give in to love, family, and salvation to find your path to a healthier you.

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