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Tank – Not Your Ordinary Dog

I’ve just received news from Project Delta that a couple in a town near me is interested in fostering and possibly adopting Tank. This coming up Sunday I’m going to bring him over to their house for a meet and greet. They really sound like a nice couple and I’m hoping the best for our upcoming meeting.

I really started to think about the awesome relationship that Tank and I have since  hearing he’ll be going to a better place soon. He’s saved me from the emptiness I’ve felt inside since coming home from war.What I’ve been actively trying to fix about myself for the past thirteen years was accomplished within a few months of being with Tank.

Tank isn’t your ordinary dog. He’s smart beyond belief. The first time I saw him I knew that there was something special about him. He immediately caught my attention the way that he was so cautious in how he approached everything. I was told not to pet him the first time he walked up to me, it took every ounce of patience that I had not to. ‘He’s such a pretty dog’ I remember thinking as he looked at me with his soft mahogany brown eyes as he walked past me.

It felt like the constant fog of anger and frustration that was over me parted. The calm came over me felt so good. As he made he second round around the room I was told to calm him over to me. All I did was say, “Come here boy!” and he ran straight into my hands. As I per him he rubbed his head across my leg over and over again


Something started stirring up inside my chest that I haven’t felt in a long time. After a while I noticed that I had a smile was smeared across my face.

I knew he was the one. When everyone asked what I thought about him, I couldn’t help but to say yes. They told me that I would know deep down inside when I’ve found a great dog to pair, they weren’t lying.

The bond between us grew stronger the more time we trained together. After two months I noticed a huge change in how I approached the world. I started having positive thought instead of negative. My mind was clear enough for me to take my time whenever I had to go to a store with my family. If Tank wasn’t so overprotective he would have been the perfect service dog.

Now I’m stuck with giving this extraordinary dog over to a couple that he could possible grow a stronger bond with forever. It really sucks to think about it. I actually feel jealous, but I know he’ll be happier, especially with another dog’s  for him to sniff. Ha!

Tank half asleep wanting more head scratches.


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Author of Combat Medic : A soldier's story of the Iraq war and PTSD.Served as a combat medic on the front lines in operation Iraqi freedom/ enduring freedom. Medically retired from the Army in 2006 with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, retired from the VA hospital since 2013. After struggling with PTSD and suicide for twelve years I have made it my priority to share my story with as meany people as I can to help America understand what it's like being a combat veteran back home from war. It is my hope that other veterans can relate to my life and take use the same tools as me to live a better life with PTSD.

9 comments on “Tank – Not Your Ordinary Dog

  1. ohhhh! so cute! Love dogs! Haven’t read the post yet but the photo caught my attention!

  2. This is so wonderful to hear. Im glad you found a good home for Tank. My dog, Leilani made a huge difference for me too. I dont take her out and about as a service dog, she would feel too sad if everyone didn’t or couldn’t pet her! I thought about having her become a visiting therapy dog, but I just couldn’t commit to scheduled visits somewhere if Im having a tough triggered day. Im not sure if you are open to another dog, but if you are, I know you will find the perfect match. Take good care. Tank is a lucky dog! 🙂

  3. It’s heartening to hear your first-hand account of the life-giving empathy Tank offered you, as I have always believed dogs to be extra-ordinary in their abilities to heal our hearts and shore us up. Thank you for your words.

    • Thank you so much Sarah. It’s nice to hear that you connected with my story. Don’t forget to follow to stay updated. I’m getting another service dog once Tank is gone. I’ll be recording the whole journey for everyone to watch.

  4. Dogs are always trying their best to help us. I always wished they could understand us when we say Thank You!

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