For years after the Iraq war I felt torn up.  I deal with so much, chronic back pain, daily migraines, constant flashbacks and night terrors every night. I pushed everyone in my life away, ruining relationships just to get away from everyone with their suggestions and comments.

I basically turned into a hermit sitting inside my apartment for days on end, forcing myself to relive every battle I went through.

I found myself in the pits of depression thinking about ending my life. Ending the pain and torture forever by my own hands.

It was no way to live.

God’s Grace is Life

I still struggle with pain now and then, but what I learned is so simple that anyone can do it.

Only through the grace of God I learned how to escape from that hell.

Letting go of the past in order to have a future is the hardest hurdle to jump over.

Staying in the moment and immersing myself in love, family, and salvation  has changed me into a better person. It’s simple if you really think about it. God created us so it should come natural if you try.
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The Change

As soon as I changed how I thought and what I should believe in, my life did a complete 180.

I’m married now and feeling better than I have in the 12 years since leaving the military. Day in and day out I immerse myself with the love of my family, I volunteer to help fellow veterans, and keeping God in mind when I make every decision in life is number one.

I still have nightmares and flashbacks, but I’m living a fuller life because I choose not to dwell on the past and things that aren’t real.

I’m winning at life and you can too!

Take what I have learned and make it yours, start changing now, it’s never too late.

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